Review "For Play" of Saint Motel.

By on 12:15

By: Marcelo Basaure.

This band from Los Angeles, raises a very interesting artistic proposal with touches of electro rock, pop and glam. The group is relatively new, and For Play is the debut album of them, Saint Motel are some young film students who decided to form a band, in a short time managed to capture public attention and became for a time in the pool outstanding Pure Volume, EP rocker goes through climates and hypnotic melodies.
The outstanding pieces are: "Pity Party", "To My Enemies" and "Dear Dictator", but the remaining tracks are very good as well, ultimately the material is waste, is a level of freshness for the U.S. music now so lost between neopunk, emo punk and power pop without pretension.
No choice but to celebrate Saint Motel for inviting us to play rock.