Review: "Seasons In The Underground" The Moog (Hungary).

By on 18:08

From the darkness of the underground.

By Marcelo Basaure.

The darkness is again present in this third album of the band The Moog, entitled "Seasons In The Underground"the album starts with which is the first single "Seasons Change In The Underground" beating with good noise synthesizers which is already a feature of the group and opening the first part of the work in which seem to walk faster as reflected in the ecstatic "We Walk in fast" followed by "I Wanna Take Your Paris" and "Highway" which has an outstanding guitar riff. Then we find a turning point in the deep "Call Me Up".

Until this time the album sounds interesting but the best is in the second part, where again shine and show its best side with songs like "Run" the remarkable "I Can not Wait" sounds like a sweet resignation, more later we find the great song that has this record: "We Walk in Slow" the Moog here gives us a beautiful piece of music as only they can do and directed by the brilliant voice of "the black baron" Tonyo Szabo followed by another musical moment recommended as "March of The Unholy Truth" ending with "Hey Little Bird" a very Beatle title indeed.

The production of the album was done by Kevin Scott who has worked with artists such as The Beatles and David Bowie.

This quintet of Hungary has great potential to make songs and this is demonstrated in two excellent recordings made ​​before his debut as "Sold For Tomorrow" (2007) or "Razzmatazz Orfeum" (2009) which remains difficult to overcome.

Sometimes they walk fast, sometimes they walk slow, but most important is that they are doing it through a musical journey that just keeps getting more interesting.