Interview with Parlour Flames (UK).

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 "I think for the first time since I left Oasis, I'm working on a project that's really made me want to get up stage again". 

Parlour Flames  is the new band of the Oasis legend Bonehead, and the talented composer Vinny Peculiar, both have managed to create a very interesting musical proposal.

By: Marcelo Basaure.

 "Parlour Flames" is the new project are carrying out, what kind of sounds have got the songs the group have?
Vinny: There are psychedelic rock influences in some of the tracks, its a song based album, some are loud and proud some more gentle on the ears...we have quite an eclectic mix of instrumentation including cellos, pianos, trumpets, xylophones, stylophones and a lot of multi layered vocals, it's quite trippy in places too...

Plan to present the group's debut album in the month of February 2013 in the Epstein Theatre (Liverpool) How do you think will this show? Are at hand any surprises?
Vinny: We're looking forward to playing The Brian Epstien Theatre on 9th feb 2013. it's a beautiful old theatre in the centre of Liverpool with loads of history, we're also planning a Manchester show soon after - we hope to have the extended line up of musicians who played on the album to augment the touring band for these local shows.

It is inevitable that many fans of Oasis will come to listen to the group to see if they have any influence of Oasis, does that you like or not them?
Bonehead: Yes, there will be Oasis fans coming to see us, I would think the Majority of the audience will be made up of Oasis fans initially, but that's not a bad thing. Once the album is out and we reach a wider audience then that will change I'm sure. I'm happy to see Oasis fans at gigs, and enjoy getting out to meet and chat with them after the show, after all , if it wasn't for them then maybe I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now, and I'll always appreciate that. As for an Oasis influence in the band, then obviously it's me playing guitar alongside Vinny, so my sound comes through in that sense, but I think my style of playing has changed and adapted as we've moved along recording and writing the album, so there may be some surprises for people expecting big loud barre chords from me.
We're happy that Oasis fans might want to check out Parlour Flames, they are most welcome, but ultimately we will be judged on this forthcoming album and shows. it's nice however to have people interested given past connections.
Bone, a few years ago you had several bands, but this is the first time that it shows quite comfortable and happy with the project What do you attribute this?
Bonehead: I think for the first time since I left Oasis, I'm working on a project that's really made me want to get up stage again. I played with a band called The Vortex for a while and that was a great time, great music and great people, but this is totally different from that, both musically and lyrically.
I think working alongside Vinny, who I've always admired as a songwriter, has brought something out in me that's been missing for a while, the whole writing and recording experience has been great fun, but also a real learning curve, for us both I think. If we can project the same feeling on stage then I'll feel we've both achieved what we set out to do.

 Being a great poet Vinny what things inspire them to compose the lyrics?
Vinny: I look for stories in everyday things, I tend to store up fragments of conversation, things I hear on TV, bits I read, writing verse is a way of sharing life experiences and making connections, I guess thats why I do it... writing also reflects experience, I can find absurdity and drama in the most mundane experiences, hah...

"Bob the Brass" is really a group song?

Vinny: Haha! Bob the Brass is actually Bob Marsh our trumpet payer, he's played on a couple of album tracks, and very good he is too...he doesn't have his own song as yet but now you've got me thinking that he should have!

Bonehead: I'm already writing the music, sounds like a kids TV show from 1976.
What song of the album you like more and why?
Vinny: theres a song on the album called 'Too Soon the Darkness' which is close to my heart, the words were written not long after my Uncle died a few years ago, it deals with grief, but it's also quite uplifting...he was a great musician and a big influence on me...

Bonehead: I agree, lyrically it's a very moving song, but also massively anthemic I think. I can picture the band playing that one in a very large field on a Summers evening, not a dry eye in the house as they say. I tend to have alternating favourites. Last week it was Pop Music Football and Girls, great title, great lyrics again but something simple in the way it sounds, although according to our Bass Player, extremely difficult time changes, which aren't really noticeable till you sit down and play it. Very radio friendly I think. This week it's Lonely Girls and Horses. Again a great title and great lyrics, jangly guitars and a driving rhythm, I'm loving that one right now.

 Is the album already has a name?
Vinny: We are going to call the album 'Parlour Flames' - Parlour Flames by Parlour Flames - simple, short n sweet.

 Do you know something about Argentina? Would you like to come play here?
Vinny: We would love to come to Argentina, we'll have to see how the record fares but with any luck yes we will be seeing you at some point in the future,

Bonehead: Yes, I've been to Argentina with Oasis and always had the best times there. Great country, great people and great steak, although Vinny won't appreciate that one as he's Vegetarian.

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