Interview with Maria Umievskaya.

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"I'm inspire with medieval legends, the life of saints and other mystical stories".

Maria Umievskaya is a great digital artist from Ukraine. She made ​​the cover of "Emergent Sound" the fifth compilation of Mute Magazine based on one of his works titled "Not Safe". Graduate of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Maria has a great eye for composition and she gives us a variety of portrait pieces as well as some detailed pattern work.

By: Marcelo Basaure.

What inspired you to create "Not Safe"?
Maria Umievskaya: Not Safe was created at the top of my interest to marine theme and search for artistic method. This work combines adorable ocean waves, main marine inhabitants, human as a part of nature with primitive awe of great element. I used contrast colors to show how harmony between opposites creates integrity in collaboration and complement each other.
Also there was a desire to depic our lifes, when each of us is immersed in a specific environment that shapes our attitudes and behavior.

Cover art of Emergent Sound

What was for you the best job you've done?
MU: Kinda hard to answer this question, because every artist can say that each of his works are like children, and every parent loves all his kids. Every image I've drawn has special mood and emotions that led to their creation. Each illustration has own history...
Today I like more newest works, because looking at them I can see new step of my skils development.

If you had to recommend 5 of your work What would you recommend?

MU: It depends on image carrier...For example, to decorate private home I'd recoment diptychs and triptychs to make suitable atmosphere for room (fairytales characters or "Too young To Love"). In case of office the most suitable will be series of patterns with its neutral subjects. For covers, posters or prints I'd use some bright image like Ji-Hye Park portrait or The Lady of the Lake.
Frankly speaking, the best way to choose the right image for any goal is to create something new and special.
Lady of The Lake.

How is the life of a graphic designer?
MU: As for me it's nice and versatile. 21st century allows to communcate people all over the world. It gives the opportunity to work with interesting people, know more about world around us and use this knowledges in work. In this kind of work you need to be all the time in development and I think it's great to learn something new, acquire the necessary skills and abilities. For each project you need to immerse yourself in some branch of activity and topic, analyze new information and use the result for creating. 

Where did you study design?
MU: I graduate Kyiv National University of Technology and Design. Undoubtedly, it gave me basic knowlegdes, but my skills are mostly the result of self-education, hours at designers' special sites and
millions of performed pixels.

Baba Yaga.
What are your influences when creating art?
MU: There are many factors that influens on my work. First of all is oriental culture which is full of different techniques, graphic languges and ways to represent information. 
For a long time I adore such styles in western art as Art Nouveau, Modern and Secession. In love with decorative and stylization level of that period artworks. Renaissance and the Pre-Raphaelites I like for quivering scenes and sensuality which  I'm trying to paste into my works.Speaking about themes, i'm inspire with medieval legends, the life of saints and other mystical stories.

What projects are you working on now?
MU: For last few months i became interested in tropical nature and now project with birds of jungle is on its finish line. Beside it i'm working on portrait of great polish queen and saint hedwig. Time to time I return to sketching on asian traditional clothing theme.

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