Interview with Maria Umiewska.

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"A good design must cause emotions inside people".

Maria Umiewska is a great digital artist from Ukraine. She made ​​the new logo of Mute Magazine. Graduate of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Maria has a great eye for composition and she gives us a variety of portrait pieces as well as some detailed pattern work.

By Mute Magazine.

What inspired you to make the logo of Mute Magazine?
I always start with client’s suggestions when I work with logotypes and other graphic materials. It doesn’t mean that his/her ideas would be used in a project but from times to times even silly thoughts can become an inspiration or an impulse to start.
Marcelo Basaure told me about his vision and I found it interesting to use. Oscar Reutersvärd’s impossible objects and geometric figures were his preferences.
The Penrose Triangle by Reutersvärd reminded me of a play button on music players with its shape. I decided to use it because of its relation to music in general and also as a contrast between its meaning (play) and the magazine’s title(mute). The second sense created a situation in my head: I press Play to listen to the music on pages of Mute Magazine. It’s a play on words and images in one unit.

Mute Magazine new logo.

The colors that you 'used are very intense, how did you choose them?
I’m pretty sure that there is no person on the Earth who doesn’t like music and don’t feel magic inside while listening to it. These colours describe way my impressions from music and pleasant feelings that it fills me with in the best way.
In a general sense, what things inspire you when designing?
A good design must cause emotions inside people.I always look for a positive impression in a subject of designing and a way to show it to an audience. The first step in my work is to explore an object to find out the most interesting feature of it. This step with discovering something new for me gives the greatest inspiration. It can be anything: an interesting story, a visual feature and even my perception.
In your designs, there is a character named Diana. It is a sleeping woman. In this project, generally, she can be seen sleeping in different cities. How the project was made and what it represents for you?
Technically Diana is not a woman, she’s an ancient goddess of the hunt and the moon, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She falls asleep after the hunt with a bow and a quiver behind her back.
I like to travel a lot but don’t have enough time to do it often. Photos of my favorite places became an inspiration to create these photomanipulated pictures.
 Diana’s journey strarts in my native city of gardens Kyiv. Following pictures show a journey to the United Kingdom passing a few cities in Ukraine and Poland.British part was created using photos of my friend, Nadiia Konina. Then I started to place Diana onto photos from other place which I visited and liked and publish the images on my Instagram.
What is the best and the worst thing of working as a graphic designer?
As for me this profession allows to deepen my knowledge of different fields of human activity and to explore a human perception of visual objects. Using my graphic designer’s skills I also can share my vision of the world around us. Not the worst but probably the hardest part is communication with other people and the constant need to prove my competence which meets on the way each woman in any profession. One more thing that I don’t like is to make something which I don’t agree with. Shortly speaking graphic design is a profession for people who are ready to be flexible in their oppinion and words.

What type of designer are you? How would you define your style?
I think that my work experience is too short to define a personal style in visual design. I try to create memorable images and hope it works :)

What projects are you currently are working?
Besides my full-time job as a graphic and UX/UI designer I work on my personal projects in the field of digital art. I have a few of them at this moment.
The most interesting for me is my collaborative project with an illustartor and architect Rehua Wilson. She creates amazing drawings with native New Zealand motives. We try to combine her style with my digital in one image. I think the result will be exeptional because it will show not only the style combination but also simillar stories in Ukarinian and New Zealand mythology.
A trip to Rome during my vacation inspired me to create a poster dedicated to this eternal city. There are also a lot of sketches for an illustration with the working title Maiden and the Death that works out slowly but surely.

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